This recipe happened one rainy afternoon… My mom was visiting one of her close friends who was making this very unique yet simple dish… In bengali households, fish egg pakora is a common sight especially during monsoons… In this recipe, the much loved ‘macher dim’ is cooked in a different style…


INGREDIENTS : Katla fish egg : 250gms, Mustard oil, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt, few green chillies,water.

DIRECTIONS :  Marinate the Katla fish egg with salt and turmeric powder.


Put it in a pan & cover well with water. Pour 1 tbsp mustard oil on top.Turn on the flame and let it cook.


The water will get soaked completely.


The water is getting soaked up… See the change of colour… This process happens within 2/3 mins of keeping it on flame.


As the water is drying away adjust with more salt, turmeric & chilly powder. Now add mustard oil generously (about 4 to 5 tbsps)… You will hear the more familiar spluttering sound as the egg is getting fried.


Drop in a few green chillies.


Just add a little water depending on your desired consistency…

When done, serve hot. Tastes best with steamed plain rice.




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  1. jhilli1965 says:

    Bhaswati, thank u so much for sending this post for the blog….. This dish looks yummy…… I make a similar recipe which I call MACHER DIMER BHAAPA….. I use the same ingredients, mix all of them thoroughly together, place it in a closed steel box & steam in a pressure cooker….. Looking forward to more posts from you on varied topics….. Let’s have fun on OUR blog.

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