ADDRESS : DLH Park, 3rd Floor, S V Road, Near MTNL, Goregaon West, Mumbai.

I was introduced to this restaurant by a very close friend……. p_20160608_125416_hdr_1.jpgI just loved the ambience of the place……. The glass roofed atrium gives it a different dimension….. p_20160608_125920_hdr.jpgThe cuisines they follow are Bengali, Goan, Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian……. The Restaurant has buffet during lunch time…….p_20160608_152839_hdr_1.jpg I went with my friends there for lunch….. Lunch spread was delicious, particularly the starters – two veg & 2 non veg……..p_20160608_132343_hdr_1.jpg The drink, Aam Panna, they served was just out of the world…… p_20160608_131915_hdr_1.jpgLiked the soup too…… It was very light, and the best part was that not too much cornflour was added to make it thick…..p_20160608_132127_hdr_1.jpg After unlimited starters, it was really very difficult to think of the main course…… Still we tried, or one can say tasted, little of each…… p_20160608_140501_hdr_1.jpg




p_20160608_140645_hdr_1.jpgAll were delicious…… Chutneys & pickles they kept were very tasty……. p_20160608_132637_hdr_1_1.jpgI was very surprised to see one of my favourite pickles there – topa kuler achaar (Bengali style sweet & sour Berry Pickle – known in Hindi as ber) ……. Finally the desert section, six items including ice cream, was a must try….. p_20160608_140652_hdr_1.jpgOverall the scrumptious lunch and the “adda” (a Bengali word which means informal conversation with friends which can go on for hours) made us very happy…… The only drawback, I have to mention, is that it is quite hot in there in the afternoon….. Sunlight pours in through the glass façade and, therefore, the air conditioning is not too adequate….. Though I’m looking forward to go there in the Monsoons….. With rain falling pitter patter on the glass, lovely surroundings & with sumptuous lunch buffet, the adda with friends would be something I would look forward to….. p_20160608_125842_hdr_1.jpgLast but not the least, service there is very good…… They really looked after us well……. Mr.Debashish Roy, the General Manager, is very friendly…… He goes around to every table & talks with everyone to find out if everything is okay.p_20160608_153116_hdr_1_1.jpg


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shreyosi says:

    Very delicious and sumptuous! Lets visit when I am in Mumbai in July.


    1. jhilli1965 says:

      Oh yes,let’s….


  2. radha chandra says:

    Sounds like an interesting food joint…
    Hope to visit with you all when we finally make it to your place…the most tempting offer was kooler achaar being served 👍


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