ADDRESS : F20, Bertram St, New Market, Taltala, Kolkata.

This is one of my favourite bakeries which I have been visiting from childhood whenever I’m in the city……


Nahoum’s Confectionary of Kolkata was founded by Nahoum Israel Mordecai in 1902……. It was a small outlet in front of the Hogg Market (also known as New Market) and moved to it’s present location (F-20, New Market) in 1916….. This is one of the oldest bakeries & is one of the last vestiges of Kolkata’s Jewish heritage…… p_20160729_124748_hdr_1.jpgGlass fronted window displays, century old teakwood furniture, Italian marble roof enforces old world charm…..  p_20160729_124658_hdr_1.jpgThis old fashioned, spacious bakery has two entrances opposite to each other……. p_20160729_124512_hdr.jpg

p_20160729_124132_hdr_1.jpgIt is known for rum balls, brownies, fruit cakes, heat shaped cakes, lemon tarts, chicken puffs/patties, mutton/chicken samosas, fish pantras, etc……. p_20160729_124252_hdr.jpgp_20160729_124406_hdr_1.jpgp_20160729_124344_hdr_1.jpgTheir desserts have a home made touch to it…… p_20160729_124157_hdr.jpgp_20160729_124032_hdr_1.jpgp_20160729_124002_hdr_1.jpgAlmond rings, date sticks, macaroons, sweet buns, etc. r just yumm…..p_20160729_123933_hdr.jpgp_20160729_123730_hdr.jpgThe bakery’s most famous offering is Rich Fruit Cake……On Christmas eve, huge crowd line up to buy it….. During Jewish festivals like Rosh Hashnanah(mid September) & Yom Kippur(late September), one can get cashew nut rings & baklava…… Even though Nahoum’s has not diversified & has strictly adhered to their limited range of items, it has steady clientele.p_20160729_123523_hdr_1_1.jpg


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